Venezolanos En El Mundo

“Venezolanos en el Mundo” is a curated collective expression of art depicting a new activity, spirit, time & revival of art, literature, & learning post-Chavez. Circa 2013 Maduro’s regime began to mark Venezuela’s existence in the modern world. His dictatorship, repress, & violence has created what I consider to be “The Renaissance of Venezuela.”

​It is a new space in time where the sub-culture is the real Venezuelan culture. It has emerged new expressions in art, to lecture & learning about what Venezuela is & perhaps will never be.

​The 2017 Venezuelan civil war, which exploded into the first real movement for the mast majority is taking hold of what tomorrow could bring at even the expense of the lives of many young adults who’s freedom has been deemed as impossible unless their passion intertangled with violence is expressed.

“With this collective, I aimed to curate a collection of artists living and working inside and outside of Venezuela, and how no matter the current state of affairs, their passion continues to show patriotism and promote the creative side of Venezuela,” -Edward De Valle II.