The Gallery

Located on Calle José Amado Soler #37, the spacious gallery is home to four exhibition rooms on the second floor of La Skinita building and equipped for exhibitions in all media. The gallery is able to host special projects and events; please see our Services page for more information. Admission to the ART. Gallery is free and open to the public Monday-Friday 10am—3pm, and after-hours by appointment only.

Vision & Mision

Founded in 2016, the ART. Gallery Santo Domingo serves to augment the understanding and appreciation of art throughout the Dominican Republic, a country that is rapidly developing and becoming recognized as a key player in the world’s economy.

We present curated exhibitions of contemporary art from around the world, with an emphasis on Latin American and European art. Themes range from historical significance to innovative design. Our curatorial platform supports installations, sculptures, paintings, guest lectures and artist exhibitions. Some of our exhibitions are co-curated with guest curators and esteemed national and international figures of the art industry.

ART. acts as a catalyst for collaboration and communication between artists and the public with a vision that is international and multicultural. The gallery maintains a commitment to free expression, and its role is also to bridge the gap between touristic offerings. Located minutes from the metropolitan’s oldest neighborhood, “Zona Colonial” we present a key path to the exploration of art for visitors and locals within the Dominican Republic.

A percentage of sales from all artworks is donated to the Fundación De Valle, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs and those who are living with HIV or AIDS.