LINKS WorldGroup

When it comes to transforming your business, you need a company with expertise and insight. We believe businesses thrive with GREAT thinking.

We have deep industry knowledge in the franchise, financial sector, real estate, hotels-resorts, travel tourism trade, technology, marketing, creative, digital advertising, public relations, government relations, and corporate social responsibility.

We believe in inspiring and empowering businesses in a connected world. As such, we partner with clients that share this belief. We think all companies, regardless of industry, have the potential for a very powerful voice, and we want to be the company that helps you fully explore all of the possibilities that exist.

We do it all from determining the geo-specific, pan-regional markets, strategizing entry points, identifying competitors strengths and weaknesses, guiding the initial implementation to creating a sustainable and stand out market plans, performing secondary due diligence and market research services.

At LINKS, we don’t direct, we get the job done.

LINKS has 10 offices across North America, South American and the Caribbean. Headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our other offices are (USA) Colorado, New York City, and Los Angeles. (Caribe) Dominican Republic, (Latin America) Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia,Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

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