Fundación De Valle

Fundación De Valle is a Dominican Republic-based charity focusing on helping children of any age living with HIV or AIDS. Our mission is to join forces with organizations, individuals, and companies committed to corporate social responsibility in the Dominican Republic.

Families who have young people living with HIV or AIDS have concerns related to therapy, education, medical services, employment, and more. We aim to bring families and young people together for friendship and to share information and support.

Fundación De Valle ART. Initiative

Founded in 2013, the Fundación De Valle ART. Initiative is about voice and expression. It’s about creating bridges, motivating and professionalizing, and promoting aspiring artists from all over the world.

Our initiatives reach beyond the canvas to include the artists in the fields of dance, film, literature, music, theatre, and architecture. Prominent among our yearly endeavors, which we can carry out thanks to our generous sponsors, is maintaining the gallery ART. open to the public and our annual participation in international art fairs.

Today, the Fundación De Valle ART. Initiative has grown into an enriching dialogue between artists of different generations, cultures and disciplines.

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“You only need one voice heard to create change!”

– Edward De Valle II