Series 8-Bit World

Richard Conti

Richard Conti is a Miami-based visual artist and an obsessively driven, diversely experienced Creative Director in the advertising and publishing fields. In his pursuit of art, Richard continuously pushes the limits of creativity and takes a closer look to find a unique artistic language. The interplay of his photographic skills, detailed craftsmanship, and his passion for the use of light and its effect on color generate the tri-dimensionality, minimalism and enigmatic feeling the spectator experiences while engaging with his work.

“I focus on communicating through my photography and design an iconoclastic point of view that is not literal. When capturing each image, I sketch and play with the elements that I get through my lens metamorphosing them into unique permutations.

My passion for architecture and symmetry has given me the vision to find a new meaning in everyday forms, thus conveying artistic expressions that are part of me. I stop to appreciate the details —often ignored— to ponder the stills; I stop to play with the possibilities of familiar materials, colors and light forms that make each of our moments and, without us even realizing it, play a part in ‘the film of our lives.’”