Curated by Leopoldo Maler

Every work of art encapsulates poetry of its own.

Miriam Calzada’s images rhyme in a way that open to reveal the mysteries of nature’s matter: the ageless texture of a rock or the reality of a fraction of eternity in the whisper of a river.

Her few but extraordinary images in black and white reach a level of magical visual silence that moves and examines the value of monochrome expression. Miriam Calzada does not play around with the portraits of nature. She respects them and observes and analyzes them in great depth before releasing the shutter. It is here in this intimate reflection where the eye of a poetic photographer is revealed.

Her choice of subjects forces us to reconsider the characteristics of nature that pass by in our daily lives, seemingly without consequence. Her work suddenly dilutes this indifference, surprising and expanding our ability to see.

Miriam Calzada is one of the most brilliant Caribbean photographers, but her work transcends geographical cultures in order to articulate a language of universal understanding.

Leopoldo Maler
Fellow of the Arts, Guggenheim
Former Rector of the Altos de Chavón School of Design